• Ensure schools have the resources needed to meet the needs of all students.
• Improve accessibility to school psychologists and counselors and support our teachers in addressing the mental health needs of their students.
• Ensure that a college education is affordable for Minnesota’s students and expand access to job training and apprenticeship programs.

Health Care
• Work to provide access to quality health services for all Minnesotans.
• Ensure our seniors, veterans, and the disabled have access to the services they need.

Economy & Transportation
• Provide affordable housing, infrastructure investment, and a well-trained workforce to attract and retain businesses.
• Invest in public transportation to give Minnesotans more choices, a reduction in congestion, and increased safety.
• Promote living wages and eliminate wage disparities for women and people of color.

Police and Justice
• Our police are an important part of our society, and we should not “defund the police.”
• Ensure appropriate policing tactics are used and hold inappropriate policing accountable.
• Hire more people of color throughout government and the justice system, and make sure our laws and penalties do not disproportionately negatively impact communities of color.

• Protect our natural resources from contaminants and fight for meaningful improvement in water quality.
• Build on the success of prior renewable energy standards and work toward a higher standard of at least 50 percent by 2030.
• Encourage the continued growth of clean energy jobs.

• Support home health care services for seniors to increase access to care, allow seniors to age in place, and prevent the need for more expensive care settings.
• Improve transit options for the seniors living in our community.

• Protect a person’s right to choose who to love, what to do with their own body, and how to worship.

Your Voice
• Listen to
you, the voters in the district, to gather your views on key issues to ensure your voice will be heard in our government.